Healing Art

IsisSofia – Helena Jakovlev

IsisSofia – Helena Jakovlev

Healing and energy-containig paintings
Almost photorealistic pictures of Divine subjects

I received  a request from MotherGod to paint healing art, pictures, by which you can open yourself to receive pure, highly vibrating Heavenly Light. The pictures must have the signature of IsisSofia, My Highest Self, before they become active. Then they are like doors to the Higher World and Divine Power flows through them and sanctifies all around.

Nothing can stop their mission, but you can refuse to accept the light because you have free will. You can also look at the pictures using gold reasoning but then you are not able to experience the holy touch. I prefer that you surrender by calling for Divine Light. MotherGod loves all of us as her created ones such as we are, but She wants that we make progress as a mankind towards our real divine being and helps us also by these paintings.

Every picture represents a divine creature that MotherGod has created to help the mankind to heal and develop. Every picture flows certain special energy, a synthesis of energy, which consists of  several Divine Energies of Creation which are called also Energies of Ray. 

At first you meet the Seven Archangels who prepare you by using their energy to meet the special energies of the exhibition. Go in peace from an Archangel to the next enjoying the Energies of Ray.

It is important that you open yourself to every picture in proper order. Remember to surrender to the loving Power of the MotherGod without criticism. We have entered the era when MotherGod Sofia, the Maintainer of the Divine and the Life in the Universe wants to call the mankind to her Light using her Divine Grace. We can understand this so that there has happened a transfer of power from FatherGod to MotherGod.

Father- and MotherGod are One because they both have their own roles with the maintenance and development of   Universe.

FatherGod is the structural Creator and Maintainer of the Grand Plan, MotherPower is the Materializer and Parturient of the Plan.

Father has given a push to us using karma when we have traveled as souls in human bodies through many incarnations the great journey of learning and performing in the Material World. Mother wants that we return from our journey back to the Light, the real Home of our Soul.

People are very tired and damaged of their journey and need healing and rest. Our minds carry deep traumas of the heavy experiences during these incarnations and we need the Power from the World of Light to get healed. As earthly mothers cry after grace of God when their children or dear ones are dying, so does the MotherGod Sofia want that her loving Grace is available to everybody asking.

You are blessed and loved

You are blessed, sacred and loved by the name of the MotherGod Sofia.
The Angels Light and Joy into your life, with love