Let’s create together the New Paradise on earth.

We with IsisSofia have used all our time and money into this mission for over 11 years now, but to achieve the goal two individuals will is not enough, it requires at least 200 000 humans, Light Childs, all over the world.

We call upon all of those, whom which to join the paradise makers, to serve the humankind, come, let’s make it real together. Join our web pages. You do not have to be a member to participate in our activities and to work alongside us to help the humankind.

Do you want to be among the first group, who altruistically and loving the humankind gives ones time, thoughts, money or acts to save and help the humankind, alongside the MotherGod Sofia, part of her Light envoy? Every human is welcome to join us.

We have a great goal and we will achieve it. We all have deserved to live in world with paradisiacal peace, joy and love. Come with us to create a paradise on earth. Be brave in your thoughts, because all starts with the thought. The thoughts creates the power for actions and events, which will change the world.

You can participate meditative service and healing events of humankind by the help of  our launched recordings and videos.      

When people all over the world do these, we create living and loving change power revolving around the globe, which helps the humankind to deliver the paradise on earth. When you help the humankind, you simultaneously help yourself.

Support our activities financially, marking​ to yourself B- share of SofiaLight Ltd 49€.

No dividend will be paid for SofiaLight shares. The company is founded 2008 inspired by the MotherGod to create fair joy and happiness fulfilled life to all humankind, the Paradise On earth, the golden era. Listen to your heart, do you wish to be among those, who support financially our life mission and live it in reality with us.

With Joy and Love